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"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."

- Erich Fromm


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I will be conducting this  workshop at the forthcoming TESOL Conference in March 2018.


Poetry is where words go to play. This workshop is for all who want to hear how the power of poems can empower the potential of pupils. We will see how you can use concrete poetry with young learners and how anyone can write like Dylan Thomas. Not to mention lots of other ways of seeing sound and hearing ink.


I can organize workshops on how to use poetry in your classroom regardless of the subject you teach. I can come and meet your kids and show them how poetry is even better than

their smartphones.



Currently conceptualising an exciting TIE project for 2018. Drama workshops focused on values are also in development.


I have experience in  community theatre and theatre-in-education.


My colleague Raquel Saiz and I, under the flag of Binge Teatro,  can provide drama workshops on any subject.

Lost at work? Your map is not the territory.


Let me help you find your way through using the GROW method of personal and workplace coaching.

I  can organize  workshops on what to include in a CLIL module and what  sequence to follow in order to create a successful bilingual  learning experience.

Developing a transmedia project to cultivate and encourage reading in Spanish secondary schools.

My Mission

My Philosophy

To foster the arts in education.

To promote unbounded imagination as well as critical thinking.

To create safe learning spaces for everyone.

To promote real inclusion (not just extended privilege) .

To get kids to think 'Why not?'



Today's ceiling is tomorrow's floor.



Donal Thompson studied Drama at Manchester University before going on to study for a  Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing from The Open University.


He won the BBC Alfred Bradley Bursary for his poems and toured the north of England with Henry Normal and The Live Poets' Society.


He has  studied Coaching in the Workplace also through the Open University and Gestión de Proyectos Editoriales with La Universidad Europea de Madrid.


He has given conference workshops and seminars at  the University of Salamanca,University of Alcalá and the University of Granada.


Currently he is engaged by, amongst others,  Ediciones SM as freelance executive editor on their bilingual publishing programme. He is the winner of the Ediciones SM Innovation Prize 2017-2018.


With Amyjo Doherty and Raquel Saiz he formed the slightly anarchic and very quirky poetry and music  performance group The Poet's Arms in Madrid in 2015. He is also a founder member of Madrid's Binge Teatro -  a new project experimenting with making the invisible visible.


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Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you're up to and how I might help.

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