Opinions from previous clients

Enrique Martínez Bermejo

Product Manager Madrid en DinamicBrain

Enrique worked with Donal in different groups


Donal is the best teacher that I know.



James Lupton

James Lupton Freelance translator and interpreter at Macumba Translation and Interpreting

 James worked with Donal but at different companies


Donal is a creative, imaginative player in the English language, coaching and e-learning environment. He is professional and dedicated, and I am sure that his great musicianship and acting skills make a major contribution to his success with clients and colleagues. Don't miss the opportunity to work with him.



Ana Ávila Sánchez

Photographer, camera operator and video editor

 Donal worked with Ana in the same group


Donal is the best English teacher I ever had.

With him, learning English is fun!



Steve Hoskins

Freelance speechwriter and public speaking coach, business English mentor.

 Donal was senior to Steve but didn’t manage directly


I had the privilege of working with Donal for over a year where his enthusiasm for teaching and attention to detail made him stand out from the crowd. He designed courses and processes which were well above the "standard" that we have come to expect these days with benefits not only aimed at the students, but also towards the teachers who imparted the courses. A true mentor in all senses of the word and more importantly, someone who truly understands the needs of both students and teachers alike and has the skills to bring both together to ensure success.



Joe O'Dowd

Independent Education Management Professional

Donal worked with Joe in the same group


I worked with Dónal at Empire Online - Congenia S.L. from September 2007 to January 2009. Dónal was an excellent colleague and shone when it came to materials preparation and course design. His innovations in pedagogical multimedia were particularly noteworthy.



Marta Gonzalez de Heredia

Data Scientist for Digital Sales Spain and Global Data Insights at BBVA

Marta was a client of Donal’s


One of the best English teachers I've ever had, and I've had quite a few. His classes are always amusing. Also great at his coaching sessions. He always knew how to motivate me to improve my English.



Maribel Alcaide, PMP

International IT & Business executive | Global Head of Tourism & Hospitality at Indra

 Maribel was a client of Donal’s


Donal is an amazing English teacher. I first met him for a company training, and I've enjoyed it so much that I also hired him for personal training classes later on. I always had a great time learning English with Donal and, what's even more important, I did improve my English skills substantially. I will definitely recommend Donal to anyone who wants to enjoy learning a language.



Kerry Rose

Director of Studies

Donal worked with Kerry in the same group


Donal is a dynamic, hardworking professional who puts 100% into everything he does. He works well as a team member or an individual which is a rare quality. He is one of the most creative people I have met and has produced work of the highest quality. It is a pleasure to work with him.



Miguel Ruiz

Director de Operaciones (COO) en Cink Emprende

Miguel was a client of Donal’s


Si con Donal no aprendes inglés es que no quieres o no puedes, ya que el consigue en sus clases el equilibrio entre un trabajo profesional y profundo de inmersión en Inglés y un rato entretenido y agradable.

Totalmente recomendable.



Rafael López Callejón

Online Marketing at Santa Fe Relocation Services

Rafael was a client of Donal’s


It´s difficult to choose only three attributes for Donal. After his enthusiastic teaching I got the Cambridge Level in English and I currently can write documents for my company in a most than reasonable English.


I can understand every podcast I listen to, for instance, because he told me the reasons different people pronounced English.




Carlota Tarin Quiros

Partner at Iclaves & Research manager at Fundación Hay Derecho

Carlota was a client of Donal’s


Donal es un excelente profesor. Su método de enseñanza consigue que aprender inglés no suponga ningún esfuerzo. Sus clases eran para mí un momento de desconexión y divertimento en medio de la borágine laboral diaria. Además de ser un eficaz profesor es un gran conversador, divertido e inteligente (¡y con una gran psicología!). Sin duda le contrataría para dar clases a profesionales de cualquier nivel.



Jenny Ogston

Owner at Lost for Words

Donal worked with Jenny in the same group


Donal is a consummate professional teacher who builds a very strong rapport with his students and has the undoubted ability to get the very best from them.



Paolo D'Arminio


Paolo was a client of Donal’s


Donal is a great professional, with a great teaching capability... and most of all a great person to work with! Absolutely recommended.



Sonia Alises Castilla

Gerente de Proyectos en Anova IT Consulting

Sonia was a client of Donal’s


Donal no sólo es un gran profesional y muy buen profesor sino una brillante persona. Ha sido un placer colaborar con él, y esperamos poder contar con él en futuras ocasiones.



Fernando Muñoz Jiménez

Consultor de Formación en Fundación Vianorte-Laguna (Hospital Centro de Cuidados LAGUNA)

Fernando was a client of Donal’s


Un excelente profesional, que me ayudó con sus clases a mejorar mi inglés y además a disfrutarlo.